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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Music Department

First Year Music (8-week module)

Welcome to the Music Department!

If you are thinking about taking this subject for your Junior Certificate, this module is designed to introduce you to the rudiments of music. If you already have knowledge of any musical instrument, well done for all those hours of practice, you will have an added advantage for this course!

Each first year class group will take this short course ONCE throughout the school year.

This module consists of 8 sessions of music lessons, dipping into the three basic areas covered in the Junior Certificate course:

Musical Listening – Musical Composition – Musical Performance.

Musical Listening:

Learning Objectives:

Students will receive a session of ‘ear-training’ to help them explore how tuned they are to musical sounds.

Students will become familiar with the instruments of the Orchestra and be able to recognise each instruments’ original sound played on its own and with within an orchestral performance.


Musical Composition:

Learning Objectives:

Students will be familiar with the different parts of a piece of music i.e. beat, rhythm, melody, note values and time signature.

They will be able to recognise the note names on the lines and spaces of a musical stave.

They will practice neat musical notation on manuscript (Treble and Bass Clef).

They will creatively ‘compose’ their own rhythms and short 5-note melodies. 

Musical Performance:

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to keep to a steady beat and follow rhythmic patterns with percussions instruments.

They will play their own short melodies on keyboards and/or a variety of tuned percussion instruments.

Students will learn a selection of short songs or canons. 



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