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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Religion is a personally enriching subject which helps the learner to function effectively in a complex, pluralist culture.

 Religous Education can help develop and enrich you as a person as you learn to:

• understand and grow in appreciation of the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and globally

• engage with the secular response to human experience

• reflect on your human experience so that you can begin to understand and interpret that experience

• participate in your own conscious and critical development

• develop tolerance and mutual understanding

• engage in meaningful dialogue with people of other and of no religious traditions

• grow personally, holistically, spiritually, morally and academically

• develop an informed and critical understanding of the Christian tradition in its origins and contemporary expressions.

Oatlands College offers R.E. as an exam subject in both the Junior and Leaving Cert.
The student who pursues this course of study must assume the roles of critical questioner and reflective searcher: roles which are at the heart of a commitment to lifelong learning’

Junior Cycle:

All students study R.E. at Junior Certificate level. The subject is split in a wide range of topics from World Religions, to Morality, to understanding the community we live in. As part of their preparation for Junior Cert, students must do a Journal work project which is worth 20% to their overall Junior Cert RE grade.

Senior Cycle:

At senior cycle, students can either choose to study R.E. as a non-exam subject or an exam subject. In the non-exam class students discuss and study diverse topics such as World debt, issues of justice and peace, social issues etc.
In the exam class students study the following topics: The Search for Meaning and Values; Christianity; World Religions, Moral Decision Making, Religion and Gender, Religion and Science, Religion and the Irish Experience. Also, as part of the syllabus, students must present a coursework project which is worth 20% of their overall Leaving Cert RE grade.

Teachers: Mr. O Mahony, Mr. Collins, Ms. Phelan, Mr. Cullen

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